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Hello music loving person. Bandcamp has been a great place for me to share demos of songs and live recordings of my solo work when I'm not touring with Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, or playing shows with the Railbenders or Hickman-Dalton Gang at home in Colorado. I never expected the kind of response that I have received from this page, but it has been very inspiring. And now Bandcamp has made it possible for artists to offer a subscription-based/VIP membership. For those of you who have been buying individual releases on a regular basis, this will be a much better deal and is a way of thanking you for your past support. I also release exclusive content for subscribers-only on a fairly regular basis. This includes videos, live streams, new demos, new recordings, and even iPhone recordings of songs I'm working on. So I hope you regulars (and even you irregulars) will consider joining me for 5 bucks a month. Thank you for your support of independent music, JD

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